The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Fantasy Tea Party: White with Brights

The sun is shining, the cherry trees are blooming, and we’re in the mood for a tea party! This week’s theme is “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,” and we’re picking out the table setting, the perfect outfit to wear, and of course, some outlandish hats! To finish off the perfect spring party, we’re putting together an exclusive invite list.

To brighten up your Monday, tea will be served in classic white porcelain cups accented with a pop of bright color, like these picks from Seletti and Jonathan Adler. The outfit picks follow the same theme: a crisp white dress with pops of color in the accessories. As guests, we’re inviting the stars of the moment we’d most like to hang out with: Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, and Emma Stone.

Apr 14 1

1. Seletti I Ware 2. Harney Birthday Tea 3. Jonathan Adler Greek Key Mug 4. Fauchon “Un Soir de France” Tea 5. Seletti I Sugar Bowl Yellow 6. Seletti I Mug Orange 7. Seletti I Tea Magenta

Apr 14 2

1. Alexander McQueen Belted Dress 2. Salvatore Ferragamo Floral Print Blazer 3. Charlotte Olympia ‘Ava’ Pump 4. Lanvin ‘Bahia’ Short Necklace 5. Philip Treacy Hat 6. Philip Treacy Hat 7. SCOUT Girls Night Out in Sweet T

Apr 14 3

1. Emma Watson Photo 2. Jennifer Lawrence Photo 3. Lupita Nyong’o Photo 4. Emma Stone Photo

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