The Bag Report

highlights from the fashion capitals v 2

The stories keep rolling in from Deb’s semi-annual fashion + design inspiration pilgrimage. Two trends with staying power: the backpack and the crossbody bag. Weren’t sure if you could rock these trends in past seasons? Read on for inspiration.

Backpacks and tiny bags re-emphasize the idea of a hands-free fast paced lifestyle. Urban “hiking” is made better with the addition of the perfect backpack and the micro crossbody bag is effortless and fits perfectly into a tote for the bag in a bag concept. Function meets fashion for both of these bag superstars this season.

backpacksIMG_2821Look for backpacks featuring quilting, color blocking, novelty prints, tassels and fringe, and distinctive logos.


Cross body bags are designed to fit just the essentials and are ideal for dress up and dress down looks.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday, as the Europe debrief continues and we get the latest from the fashion world.

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