Film Director Nancy Meyers Inspires House Envy at SCOUT HQ

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Director Nancy Meyers is a fabulously gifted set location picker—a true genius, in our humble opinions. To commemorate her new movie, “The Intern,” hitting theaters today, the SCOUT team has compiled a list of their favorite homes and interiors from a few of her films. Not familiar? Get. With. It.

movie titles

These movies are the pinnacle of #housegoals. True greatness has been achieved within many styles—from Iris’ cozy “Rosehill Cottage” to Amanda’s modern chic LA home. Nancy Meyers knows works these idyllic homes into her films with ease. To be honest, I am not really sure how the Housesitter snuck into the mix. But, let’s not forget the main purpose of this post: beautiful homes. In no particular order of greatness, we present some house porn to whet your palette for Nancy’s new release.

The HolidayabbyThe Parent TrapbirchThe HousesitterkateThe HolidaysallyFather of the BridesarahThe HolidaydebThe Parent TrapkellyIt’s ComplicatedcrutcherSomething’s Gotta Givemegan

FYI – Deb has been in Europe and next week we’re getting the download on the blog! Have a great weekend. Check us out on Monday!

Timeless Leopard Style

Never out of style but fabulously IN STYLE this season, leopard is an iconic pattern designed to punctuate solid ensembles or mix with other patterns creating a boho/classic look.  Leopard HEAD TO TOE is directional and leopard accents to ensembles or interiors always add a bit of exotic flair. leopard intro

From the iconic looks of Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis and Gene Tierney, to the runways of Christian Siriano and The Row, leopard is a stranger to no era. With the power to pop and also act as a neutral, it is no wonder that leopard has found its way into so many closets.

Need some leopard wardrobe inspiration for fall? We’ve pulled together some of the best of the best of leopard style.


SCOUT Crown Jewels in Leopardo DiCaprio | SCOUT Weekender in Leopardo DiCaprio


Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses | House of Holland Fister Sunglasses


Alice + Olivia Leopard Print Coat

22672_view_4SCOUT Packin’ Heat in Leopardo DiCaprio

11059617_5256581_1000Altuzarra Leopard Print Fitted Dress


Stella McCartney Leopard Print Backpack | Stella McCartney Leopard Bra


Dolce and Gabbana Cropped Leopard Brocade Pants


L to R: Gianvito Rossi Ankle Strap Sandals | Valentino Rockstud Leopard Flats | Tabitha Simmons Melody Boots | Isabel Marant Calf Hair Chelsea Boots | Prism Leopard Print Suede Espadrilles

In honor of Nancy Meyer’s new movie, The Intern, being released tomorrow we have a special tribute to her beautiful movie locations coming up on the blog! Check back tomorrow!

Football Games & Tailgating Featuring UNC-Chapel Hill

tailgate headerBy Guest Blogger and former SCOUT intern, Annie Gray Dixon

Annie Gray is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Media & Journalism with a minor Entrepreneurship. A native of Edenton, NC, Annie Gray has grown up a Tarheel and enjoys going to games and tailgating with friends! 

Bell Tower

Football season so much fun in the South, especially in Chapel Hill. On game days the town is buzzing with students, alumni, and parents come from all over to attend football games.

The Carolina Inn is my go to spot for tailgating because the atmosphere is inviting and is a place where students, parents, grandparents, and friends congregate both before and after games. This past weekend following the UNC v. Illinois game, which resulted in a W for the Heels, I popped over to The Carolina Inn and sat on the front porch with friends. Even though UNC is a huge school, I ran into so many familiar faces just at The Carolina Inn alone. If you’re ever in Chapel Hill, I suggest stopping by!


Built in 1924, The Carolina Inn is rich with history, charm, and character. The Inn’s architectural elements come from the antebellum Southern plantation homes blended with Georgian and neoclassical features. The front of The Carolina Inn was actually modeled after Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home on the Potomac.IMG_2226


Of course SCOUT bags always make it to tailgates here at UNC! Pictured above the BJ Bag, the 3-Way, and the Duffy hidden in the back.


Tailgates are known for good, Southern food and drinks. This biscuit bar was delicious!


A little snack never hurts while watching the game!



Twine and Twig Necklace |  Frye Billy Pull On  | Racil Shirt Dress Julie Vos Shaw |Stiff One 

The Season’s Tailgate Essentials

tailgate header

This week we’re taking you inside of one of America’s favorite traditions: the tailgate. Sports fans and party enthusiasts alike come together in the fall to celebrate teams from little league to the major league. We have highlighted some of the essentials for this years tailgates to keep your celebrations both convenient and chic. Who says you can’t have it all?

The SCOUT Essentials:

Make your tailgates personal and stylish twinning Scout bags and coolers with carefully selected “luxe” items…Warm up your stadium venue!


SCOUT Pleasure Chest in Chili Prepster | SCOUT Cool Clutch in Glory Maze


Clockwise from top left: Portable Bullhorn MegaphoneCuisinart Elite Griddler | Erdem Jacket 4.75 Gallon Insulated Beverage Dispenser | Thermos FlaskBackpack Beach Chair Black Rim 10″ Dinner Plate | Falcon Enamelware Mug | Kate Spade Hi 5 Mittens Hudson Bay Classic Blanket

40804_view_6 40805_view_6

SCOUT Chill Bill Vol. 1 in Chili Prepster | SCOUT Chill Bill Vol. 1 in Glory Maze

Join us tomorrow as we take a look at some of the season’s greatest tailgates from around the country!

Chris’ Family Bag


Meet Chris.

With all of her kids out of the house she’s back in her prime. She’s got time to rediscover her love of painting and cooking. She uses her SCOUT bags as the perfect way to keep all of her stuff together.

DSC_3003Bag of choice: The Pocket Rocket

Why she loves it: “As an artist I rely on lots of tools and supplies and I don’t have to spend time searching a large open bag when I have everything sorted into the exterior pockets. It’s a must for plein air painting. I keep it packed and ready to go!”DSC_3132-2When pastels inevitably smear in here its no problem I just wash it out. Prior bags I’ve used for art supplies were not so forgiving.

DSC_2995pictured: SCOUT Cool Clutch in Glory Maze

“I’ve always loved to cook. The Cool Clutch is a perfect size for a smaller grocery haul, jaunt to the Farmer’s Market.”DSC_3059“SCOUT provides me with the best in style. I also love that all of the products are washable.”

DSC_3148Carter approved.DSC_3097“Storage is the key to saving time! I don’t want to pack away items I don’t use daily into the attic or basement so SCOUT has provided the perfect good looking solution in every size imaginable”DSC_3170

Thank you for joining us to see how our customers use SCOUT in their life! If you missed one of the other Family Bag posts, click here: Mary Jo | Anne

Behind the Scenes of a SCOUT Photo Shoot

A SCOUT photo shoot is a serious production. Each time we get better and better in terms of efficiency and dexterity. Most importantly, the end result is looking more and more impressive. We’ve got a pretty talented team internally, #understatement, but we could not pull off a good lifestyle photo shoot without our models. For this months “Family Bag” feature we enlisted the help of some veteran SCOUT models and some brand new. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at some of what went on!

Location #1: The Thomas’ House
a.k.a. Birch’s childhood home, Home of the best porches in Arlington

IMG_1143Sneak peek to tomorrow’s post – Birch’s mom!IMG_1082It wouldn’t be a SCOUT shoot unless everyone was in some way related; say hello to Sarah’s brother Connor, our “Family Bag” photographer!IMG_1211Birch, SCOUT veteran, styling product for her mom’s (and Carter’s) modeling debut

❤ Carter ❤

IMG_1081 IMG_1065


IMG_1133Sarah remaining composed amidst the chaos.

Location #2: The Broad Branch Market
a.k.a. The cutest little market D.C. has to offer

IMG_1360Mary Jo and her girls lending a hand as SCOUT models for the day!IMG_1269DSC_3371We promise ice cream and candy weren’t the only compensation!DSC_3462

IMG_1312Connor and Kate, our VP of Creative Engagement, never ones to let a skeptical cashier stand in the way of their vision!IMG_1289Looks like all three of the Slidell girls have a knack for this line of work!

Location 3: Cady’s Alley + Kafe Leopold
a.k.a. idyllic, convenient + chic brunch spot with warm and accommodating staff

IMG_1490Dave + Anne, obliging friends of Kate, making it look easy.IMG_1418Just your average weekend brunch, photographer and all.IMG_1464Packing up the car!

IMG_1439DSC_3635Well, this is adorable. I would be remiss not to share this one.IMG_1384That’s a wrap!

Join us tomorrow as we delve into Chris’ family bag!

Behind the Scenes of a SCOUT Photo Shoot

An Interview with SCOUT’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Deb Waterman Johns

When Deb decided to form SCOUT with her husband, she brought with her a vast array of color and textile industry knowledge and invaluable experience gained working for Vogue. As Deb puts it, it was the eighties and eighties fashion that was a time of complete and utter excess, the most luxe photo shoots and truly the epitome of style and glamour. This unparalleled exposure undoubtedly shapes the way SCOUT continues to evolve. Read on to see how Deb’s dynamic past continues to shape SCOUT’s growth.


How long have you been doing SCOUT photo shoots?

DWJ: Our first photo shoot was for the Spring 2012 fold out catalog. We paid a family friend $100 to come with us to our photographer’s studio in Baltimore as our very first SCOUT model. It is amazing how far we’ve come in 4 years. #of photoshoots

What is the best part of the photo shoots?

DWJ: I love gathering everything – hate putting it back! So much of what goes into the photo shoots is stuff from our house, my closet, my travels. It’s fun to pull all of these things together – you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it – our entire dining room is just a staging area for the ideas for the next shoot. 6 clothing racks, 16 Rump Roosts full of items I’ve purchased all organized by category. It’s an extension of the office.

shot_3_12121- webSCOUT SS12
Which photo shoot was your favorite?

DWJ: The 1st because it opened all sorts of possibilities for us and the most recent because we keep pushing the envelope. We have come a long way and it is really fantastic to watch and be involved in the evolution.

# of rump roosts

How did you prepare for the “Family Bag” shoot?

The inspiration for the whole “Family Bag” came from Kate, our VP of Creative Engagement. The ideas for conceptual looks + tendencies are where I get involved. I pull the outfits that our models will be wearing and the props. I make sure each shoot is in keeping with SCOUT’s overall look.

DSC_3003“Family Bag” lifestyle shoot FW15
What goes into the looks for each shoot?

DWJ: The looks are based on the destination, products and formality. Where are we? Are we at the beach or are we in a log cabin? What products need to be featured? And then what are we trying to convey.

# of clothing racks

What clothes are you pulling for the looks?

DWJ: I start with great basics – I buy a lot of great striped shirts, bright colored jackets and dresses, patterned pants that are color + white. It’s always a mix of high and low, Forever 21 and Prada, the attainable and the inspirational. SCOUT’s signature is an ageless model, dressed in high/low so anyone can look at them and think “it could be me!”

What are your favorite places to pull the looks?

DWJ: H&M, Zara, Forever 21. They all work because they mix with designer stuff.

What are some places you look for inspiration? Who are the people/companies who do it well in your opinion?

DWJ: For inspiration I relate to people who have an identifiable look. Kate Spade, you see their stuff and you know it. Zara, they do minimalist well, it works. Ralph Lauren, very luxe + “more is better” signature style. It’s very convincing and makes people want to be in them.



Come back tomorrow as we will be continuing our behind the scenes look at the “Family Bag” shoot and the models who partook!

Mary Jo’s Family Bag


Meet Mary Jo.

As a mother of three, she is always on the go. With no room to compromise on organization she has opted for SCOUT as the tote of choice for keeping her on the ball. “We love using SCOUT bags in my house – the colors and designs are always fun, and we have bags for various functions – from lunch/picnics, to sports/activity totes, travel gear, grocery shopping, pool/beach time, storage – the list is endless. SCOUT is a household name here! We give SCOUT bags as teacher, birthday, and hostess gifts and they are always a hit.”

Read on to see Mary Jo’s picks!


DSC_3351pictured (L to R): SCOUT Bagette in Chili Prepster and Glory Maze

“The Bagette is my go-to grocery bag. I always get compliments on the designs, plus it holds a TON of groceries and is super sturdy. The two different handle lengths are great, plus they fold and stack easily. I have about 8 in rotation.”


DSC_3380Pictured: SCOUT Halfpint in Bluey Lewis

“The girls use their SCOUT bags for so much – sleepovers, sports practice, lunches, dance class….my youngest, Anna, even uses hers to transport her dolls and their accessories. My son used a baguette as his summer camp bag.”


“The patterns and color selection are always great, my girls especially love them. (and I personally love hearing the witty new bag and pattern names you come up with each season!) They are easy to transport and easy to clean.  I love that there is a bag for every function, and the ability to personalize them is an added bonus!”

DSC_3421Join us tomorrow as we go behind the scenes of the “Family Bag” photo shoot. Creative Director, Deb Johns, will share her vision and all that goes into a SCOUT photo shoot!

Anne’s Family Bag


Meet Anne.

She’s newly married to a darling man named Dave. She’s busy as ever, balancing her work and new family. She has to stay organized and she uses SCOUT to help her do so! Below, to kickoff our three part series “In Search of the Perfect Family Bag,” she discusses some of the reasons SCOUT works for her life.

DSC_3490Anne is carrying the SCOUT Bacall cross body bag in Diamond Marine.  Available in November.

“Brunch is a big weekend activity in D.C. When I saw this SCOUT bag I was so surprised. I thought ‘I’ve never seen SCOUT like this before!’ It is great for going out and about in the city.”family bag bj bagBag of choice: The Ben Johns Bag (pictured left in Chili Prepster)

Why she loves it: “I use this SCOUT bag for a little bit of everything. From a gym bag to a weekend bag it is perfect because it folds flat and I love the pop of color!”

DSC_3689“I actually received this bag as a gift with my monogram with my new married name. It was a really sentimental touch to a gift that I use everyday.”

4 boyspictured: SCOUT 4 Boys in Bulldog Blue

“I’m always going back and forth between D.C. and Richmond, where my family lives. The 4 Boys is a great bag because I can throw anything in it. It is so easy to take things in and out of the house with just one bag.”

Why the 4 Boys bag is great for us: “We live in a small apartment and I love the 4 Boys because when it’s not in use it double as a storage piece.”


Join us next week as we take a look at how Mary Jo keeps her family of six in check with her perfect family bag!

Enjoy your weekend!

Go Bo 2015: #swagbag

#swagbagFor this years Go Bo festivities one of our classic bags – the Bagette – has been reserved as the official swag bag for all of the attendees to grab on their way out. The Bagette is amazing. It folds up incredibly thin and can be stowed easily in the tiniest crevice and then when you need it – it’s toting your Thanksgiving turkey and all of the fixin’s. It is incredibly durable and yet still unbelievably lightweight. Have we mentioned before our love for the Bagette?

Black & White is a high impact duo…never better than in this classic with a twist PLAID!  Lets load the Bachelor Plaid Bagette with B & W goodies that will energize your fall!

bagette bachelor plaid

Portable Boot Camp…everything you need for the best outdoor workout

SCOUT Bagette in Bachelor Plaid

bootcamp essentials

SKLZ TRAINERmat Sport Performance | SKLZ Weighted Jump Rope SetSKLZ Light Pro Resistance Band | Fitness Gear 5lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell

newbalances Nike-5-Pro-Core-Compression-Womens-Shorts-589365_011_A_PREM

New Balance Minimus 20v4 Trainer Nike PRO 5″ Training Shorts

Nike-Pro-Hyperwarm-Fitted-Crew-30-Womens-Shirt-620429_010_A_PREM tennis hat

Nike PRO Warm Crew 3.0POLO U.S. Open NYC Stretch Cap

Spicy Red punctuated with white is a dynamic combination for Fall…grab your favorite tailgate accessories and head to the game!bagette chili prepster

SCOUT Bagette in Chili Prepster the tailgate bag

Fishs Eddy Jumbo Black Speckle Enamel MugOrvis Red Plaid Jar with Lid Orvis Heritage Plaid Vacuum Bottle | Amy Sedaris Red Gingham Storage Bowl Hard Times Chili – Terlingua Red Spice Mix

tailgate blanket woolrichtailgate blanket

Woolrich Hudson’s Bay Scarlet Wool Blanket | Woolrich Wool Team Color Blanket

its cold outside zara hat keep calm alpaca gloves

Zara Text Print HatKnuckle Tattoo Gloves

hand warmers

Heat Pax Winter Hand Warmers

Navy and white twin in a clever greek key pattern with timeless appeal for a bagette with endless uses!  Family travels require toting necessities and novelties along the way…here is a survival kit for all ages:

bagette glory maze correct

“I’m bored!” “Are we there yet!?” “I’m hungry!” If you’re tired of these complaints, this is the bag for you! Be prepared! Combat boredom + hunger!

SCOUT Bagette in Glory Maze

anchor notebookAnchor Drawing Book

the family bag

Poppin Assorted Crayons, Set of 10 | Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards Pirate’s Booty, Aged White Cheddar PopcornCrunch Time by Peanut Butter & Co. | Smooth Operator by Peanut Butter & Co. Honest Organic Super Fruit Punch UTZ’s Old Fashioned Pretzel Rods | Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit

We love the idea of the perfect family bag. Join us tomorrow as we begin our look at how some of our real customers use their bags for their family!!